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Return object to represent data dictionary section


sectionObj = getSection(dictionaryObj,sectionName)


sectionObj = getSection(dictionaryObj,sectionName) returns a object representing one section, sectionName, of a data dictionary dictionaryObj, a object.

When you access the Embedded Coder section of a data dictionary, getSection returns a coder.Dictionary (Embedded Coder) object representing the Embedded Coder Dictionary in the data dictionary.

Input Arguments

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Data dictionary containing target section, specified as a object. Before you use this function, represent the dictionary with a object by using, for example, the or function.

Name of target data dictionary section, specified as a character vector.

Example: 'Design Data'

Example: 'Configurations'

Example: 'EmbeddedCoder'

Data Types: char


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Open the data dictionary myDictionary_ex_API.sldd and represent it with a object named myDictionaryObj.

myDictionaryObj ='myDictionary_ex_API.sldd');

Represent the Design Data section of the data dictionary myDictionary_ex_API.sldd with a object named dDataSectObj.

dDataSectObj = getSection(myDictionaryObj,'Design Data')
dDataSectObj = 

  Section with properties:

    Name: 'Design Data'
Introduced in R2015a