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Flight Simulation Simulink Template for Parrot Minidrone

You can use the Flight Simulation Simulink® template to create a model to simulate a drone's behavior. After you are satisfied with the simulation, you can deploy the model on the Parrot® minidrone hardware. This template is designed to spin the two clockwise propellers and the two counterclockwise propellers for 2 seconds each. You can update this template to add different logic.

Open the Flight Simulation Template

  1. At the MATLAB® command prompt, type simulink.

  2. On the Simulink Start Page, navigate to Simulink Support Package for Parrot Minidrones, and select Flight Simulation Template.

    Specify a name for the project. A new Simulink model named slQuadcopter opens. This model is configured for flight simulation.

    The slQuadcopter model contains the FCS (Flight Control System) subsystem, which takes input values from the different sensors on the drone and provides output signals to the motors based on the logic in the Estimator and Controller subsystems.

You can modify the logic inside Estimator and Controller subsystems to create your own model to fly the Parrot minidrone.

Deploy the Flight Simulation Template and Start the Motors

The procedure to deploy the Flight Simulation template and start the motors are the same as for the Code Generation template (see Setting Up the Hardware and Deploying the Model and Using the Flight Control Interface to Start the Drone).

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