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Get IP Address of Raspberry Pi Hardware

You can use any of these methods to know the IP address of your Raspberry Pi® hardware.

  • Connect speakers or headphones to the audio jack of Raspberry Pi and reboot it. After rebooting, a synthesized voice on your Raspberry Pi board reads out the IP address.

  • Connect your Raspberry Pi board with a keyboard, monitor, and mouse. Then, log in to the Linux® terminal. Enter this command.


    The IP configuration settings for the eth0 Ethernet connector is displayed on the terminal.

  • If, during the firmware update process, you configured your Raspberry Pi board to use a local area network (LAN) or home network, use SSH to connect to the host name of the board. For example, if the host name is raspberrypi-AH-RDLUGYHE, enter the following in a MATLAB® Command Window:

    h = raspberrypi('raspberrypi-AH-RDLUGYHE')
    After logging in, use ifconfig to get the IP address of the board.

    You can use the host name to connect to your board only if you have a domain name system (DNS) within your network.

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