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Simulink 3D Animation Viewer

Built-in viewer for virtual reality world navigation; rendering options, such as lighting and transparency

You can use the default Simulink® 3D Animation™ Viewer to:

  • Navigate around a virtual world, including using viewpoints to go to preselected locations.

  • Set rendering properties.

  • Listen to sound.

  • View a virtual world using stereoscopic vision for enhanced 3D effects.


Set the Default Viewer

If you have an HTML5-enabled web browser, you can view virtual worlds with either the default Simulink 3D Animation Viewer or your web browser.

Test the Viewer Installation

Open a Simulink model, display a virtual world, and run a simulation.

Simulink 3D Animation Viewer

Explore the Simulink 3D Animation viewer capabilities.

Open the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer

Open the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer by double-clicking a VR Sink block in the Simulink Editor or by using the vrview function.

Display Virtual World and Start Simulation

Display a simulated virtual world using the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer on your host computer.

View Virtual World on Host Computer

View a virtual world in your web browser by selecting an open virtual world from a list in your web browser. Display the HTML page that contains this list by connecting to the Simulink 3D Animation host computer (the computer that is running the Simulink 3D Animation software).

Simulate with the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer

Start and stop simulations of the virtual world from the Simulink 3D Animation viewer.

Specify Rendering Techniques

Change the rendering of the scene by using the controls on the navigation panel or options on the rendering menu.

Navigate Using the Simulink 3D Animation Viewer

Navigate around a virtual scene using the menu bar, toolbar, navigation panel, mouse, and keyboard.

Navigate Through Viewpoints

Navigate through viewpoints.

Listen to Sound in a Virtual World

If a virtual world contains a Sound node and your computer supports sound, then you can listen to the sound using Simulink 3D Animation components.

View a Virtual World in Stereoscopic Vision

View a virtual world using 3D effects, so that elements in the virtual world appear to come forward or back from the plane of the monitor.

Active Stereoscopic Vision Configuration

Configure your system to meet the requirements for using active stereoscopic vision.