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Analyze Coverage and View Results

View coverage highlighting in models, generate coverage reports, trace results to tests and requirements

You can use Simulink® Coverage™ to evaluate coverage data to find gaps in your testing or issues in your design. You can compare the coverage results of normal mode simulations with the generated code results from software-in-the-loop, processor-in-the-loop, or hardware-in-the-loop simulations.

Coverage reports and model highlighting help you to understand which parts of your design are sufficiently exercised by your test cases. For aggregated test results, you can also view how each corresponding test contributes to the coverage results.


cvhtmlCreate HTML coverage report from model coverage objects
cvmodelviewDisplay model coverage results with model highlighting

Model Settings

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Save last run in workspace variableSave results of most recent coverage analysis to MATLAB workspace
cvdata object nameName of workspace variable that contains coverage results
Increment variable name with each simulationCreate new coverage data variable for each simulation
Autosave data file nameFile name for coverage data file
Output directoryPath for coverage output files
Coverage filter filenameFilename of coverage filter
Coverage report optionsDisplay options for coverage report
Additional data to include in coverage reportAdditional coverage data to include in report
Exclude inactive choices of variantsExclude inactive choices of variants (Since R2022a)
Save output dataSave coverage data results to file