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Real-Time Application Instruments with Instrument Objects

Graphical instruments for displaying signal values, setting parameter values

Interface with a real-time application running on a target computer through graphical instrument panels. Create instrument panels, add instruments to the panels, and then connect parameters and signals to the instruments by using instrument objects. Run your real-time application in MATLAB. Use the instruments to control the parameters and view the signal outputs. See Instrumentation Apps for Real-Time Applications.


Simulink Real-Time ExplorerInteract with target computer and real-time application running on target computer
Simulink Real-Time TET MonitorMonitor task execution time for the real-time application running on target computer


slrtExplorerOpen Simulink Real-Time explorer and interact with target computers and real-time applications
slrtTETMonitorOpen Simulink Real-Time task execution time (TET) monitor


InstrumentCreate real-time instrument object


Instrumentation Apps for Real-Time Applications

Interface with your real-time application by using instrument panel apps.

Display and Filter Hierarchical Signals and Parameters

Find and view signals and parameters with hierarchical path information.

Export and Import Signals in Instrument by Using Simulink Real-Time Explorer

Group signals across hierarchical model boundaries.

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