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Requirements Definition

Author requirements, create requirements from external documents, and define requirements hierarchy

You can create requirements from within Simulink®, by using the Requirements Browser pane or the Requirements Editor. Add detailed text, images, and keywords to describe requirements. Add child requirements to specify lower-level functionality. Add context to your model by showing requirements and descriptions on the Simulink canvas.

If you have requirements documented externally, import requirements to Simulink from Microsoft® Word or Microsoft Excel® documents. You can revise requirements by using the Requirements Editor, or by synchronizing changes from the external document.


slreq.ReqSet Work with Requirements sets
slreq.Reference Work with external requirement proxy objects
slreq.Requirement Work with Requirement objects


slreq.clearClear requirements and links from memory
slreq.convertAnnotationConvert annotations to requirement objects
slreq.editorOpen Requirements Editor
slreq.findFind requirement, reference, and link set artifacts
slreq.importImport requirements from external documents
slreq.loadLoad requirements/link set
slreq.newCreate requirements set
slreq.openOpen requirements set


Author Requirements in Simulink

Create requirements and define hierarchy.

Import Requirements from Third-Party Tools

Import requirements from external documents and software.

Define Requirements Hierarchy

Define the parent-child hierarchy for the requirements you associate with your model.

Export Requirement Sets and Link Sets to Previous Versions of Simulink Requirements

Learn about exporting requirement and link sets to previous versions of Simulink Requirements™.

Requirement Types

Select requirement types

Update Imported Requirements

Update referenced requirements you imported from an external document

Import and Update Requirements from a Microsoft Word Document

This example shows how to import and update requirements from a Microsoft Word requirements document.