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Design and develop the external peripheral components, from GPIO to integrated video stream components, of an SoC application

Create Simulink® models with simulations of the peripherals available on SoC devices. Connect peripherals to the software algorithms and hardware user-logic subsystems of an SoC application model. Add asynchronous communication and data capture simulation to the model using I/O device blocks with event message signals. Capture data from peripherals on hardware boards in deployed models to use in simulation.


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DIP SwitchConnect signals attached to DIP switches on hardware board
I2C MasterConfigure and communicate with I2C slave device
LEDConnect signals attached to LEDs on hardware board
Push ButtonConnect signals attached to push buttons on hardware board
Digital IO InterfaceSimulate digital input and output pins on processor (Since R2021b)
PWM WriteSend pulse width modulation (PWM) signal configuration to PWM Interface block (Since R2020b)
PWM InterfaceSimulate pulse width modulation (PWM) output from hardware (Since R2020b)
ADC ReadRead ADC data values from ADC Interface block (Since R2020b)
ADC InterfaceConvert analog signal on ADC input pin to digital signal (Since R2020b)
IO Data SourcePlay back recorded data
IO Data SinkRecord, output, or terminate input message
TCP ReadReceive TCP/IP packets from remote host over TCP/IP network
TCP WriteSend TCP/IP packets to remote host over TCP/IP network
UDP ReadReceive UDP packets from remote host
UDP WriteSend UDP packets to remote host
UDP Read (HOST)Receive UDP packets on local host computer from remote host
UDP Write (HOST)Send UDP packets from host computer to remote host
Audio CaptureCapture audio samples from an input audio device and send to an algorithm (Since R2021a)
Audio Capture InterfaceSimulate capture of sample from audio stream on hardware (Since R2021a)
Audio PlaybackPlayback audio samples from an algorithm to an output audio device (Since R2021a)
Audio Playback InterfaceSimulate audio output device on a hardware board (Since R2021a)
Video CaptureCapture video from input video device and send to algorithm (Since R2021a)
Video Capture InterfaceSimulate capture of images from video stream on hardware (Since R2021a)
Video DisplayDisplay image samples from an algorithm to an output video device (Since R2021a)
Video Display InterfaceSimulate display of images to video screen on device (Since R2021a)
Video Stream FIFOControl backpressure between hardware logic and upstream video interface
Video Stream ConnectorConnect two IPs with video streaming interfaces
Video Test SinkReceive continuous video stream data
Video Test SourceGenerate continuous video stream data


socHardwareBoardConnection to SoC hardware board
DataRecorderData recording session for specified SoC hardware board
soc.iosourceInput source on SoC hardware board
socFileReaderFile reader
socAXIManagerRead and write memory locations on hardware board from MATLAB
socIPCoreCreate object to represent IP core running on FPGA board
socMemoryProfilerRetrieve and display memory performance data


Hardware MappingMap memory, tasks, and peripherals in a model to hardware board configurations (Since R2022b)


soclibOpen the SoC Blockset block library


Design and Simulation

Build and Measurement