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Functional inverse


g = finverse(f) returns the inverse of function f, such that f(g(x)) = x. If f contains more than one variable, use the next syntax to specify the independent variable.


g = finverse(f,var) uses the symbolic variable var as the independent variable, such that f(g(var)) = var.


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Compute functional inverse for this trigonometric function.

syms x
f(x) = 1/tan(x);
g = finverse(f)
g(x) =

Compute functional inverse for this exponential function by specifying the independent variable.

syms u v
finverse(exp(u-2*v), u)
ans =
2*v + log(u)

Input Arguments

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Input, specified as a symbolic expression or function.

Independent variable, specified as a symbolic variable.


  • finverse does not issue a warning when the functional inverse is not unique.

Version History

Introduced before R2006a

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