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Configure Virtual Vehicle Scenario and Test

Before completing this step, see Configure Virtual Vehicle Data.

Next, use the Scenario and Test tab to configure your virtual vehicle test plan. The available options depend on the virtual vehicle Powertrain architecture and Model template parameter settings.

Virtual Vehicle Composer app scenario and test tab

If you set Scenario to Drive Cycle, you can use:

  • Drive cycles from predefined sources. By default, the block includes the FTP–75 drive cycle. To install additional drive cycles from the support package, see Support Package for Maneuver and Drive Cycle Data. The support package has drive cycles that include the gear shift schedules, for example, JC08 and CUEDC.

  • Workspace variables that define your own drive cycles.

  • .mat, .xls, .xlsx, or .txt files.

  • Wide open throttle (WOT) parameters, including initial and nominal reference speeds, deceleration start time, and final reference speed.

To choose one or more existing drive cycles, click the Scenario and Test tab and follow these steps:

  1. Under Scenario, select Drive Cycle.

  2. Under Drive cycle, select the desired drive cycle.

  3. Click Add to Test Plan.

If you have selected Combined longitudinal and lateral vehicle dynamics (not applicable in this example), you can also choose from several vehicle dynamics tests under the Scenario tab:

  • Increasing Steer

  • Swept Sine

  • Sine with Dwell

  • Fishhook

For this example, use the default FTP75 drive cycle.

After completing this step, see Configure Virtual Vehicle Data Logging.

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