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Read scaled samples of specified measurement from DAQ list



value = readDAQ(xcpch,measurementName) reads and scales all acquired DAQ list data from the XCP channel object xcpch, for the specified measurementName, and stores the results in the variable value. If the measurement has no data, the function returns an empty value.


value = readDAQ(xcpch,measurementName,count) reads the quantity of data specified by count. If fewer than count samples are available, it returns only those.


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Create an XCP channel connected to a Vector CAN device on a virtual channel. Set up a DAQ measurement list and acquire 10 data values, then all data.

a2lObj = xcpA2L('myFile.a2l');
channelObj = xcpChannel(a2lObj,'CAN','Vector','CANcaseXL 1',1);
data = readDAQ(channelObj,'Measurement1',10);
data_all = readDAQ(channelObj,'Measurement1');

Input Arguments

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XCP channel, specified as an XCP channel object created using xcpChannel. The XCP channel object can then communicate with the specified server module defined by the A2L file.

Name of a single XCP measurement specified as a character vector or string. Make sure measurementName matches the corresponding measurement name defined in your A2L file.

Data Types: char | string

Number of samples to read, specified as a numeric value, for the specified measurement name. If the number of samples in the measurement is less than the specified count, only the available number of samples are returned.

Output Arguments

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Values from the specified measurement, returned as a numeric array.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b