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Help with cropping a binary image?

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Shravanthi le 8 Fév 2014
Commenté : Anjana Rao le 8 Fév 2014
I have this binary image:
How do I crop exactly to the outline of the fist?

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Spandan Tiwari
Spandan Tiwari le 8 Fév 2014
Use IMCOMPLEMENT to invert the polarity of the binary images so that the object (fist) is white. Then use BWBOUNDARIES to get the boundary pixels of the object.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 8 Fév 2014
boundaries = bwboundaries(~binaryImage);
but that gets you the outline coordinates of the fist. Is that what you want, or do you want the bounding box?
Anjana Rao
Anjana Rao le 8 Fév 2014
No, I just want the outline! How do I crop it after getting the coordinates? imcrop(?)?

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