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load some data.mat placed in different folders in loop

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mausam le 21 Avr 2014
Commenté : mausam le 21 Avr 2014
here is the code i use to change the current folder
[pathname] = uigetdir('D:\folder1');
files = dir( fullfile(pathname,'*.mat') ); % list all *.mat files
files = {files.name}'; %# file names
then i load the different data.mat in loop by creating separate workspace variable and perform my task on these data and get result. my problem is i have fixed task to be performed on data placed in different folders so i changes folder manually by changing path each time. for example to perform my task on data placed in 'D:/folder2' i have to change it each time and run the program.
is there a way to change current folder in loop and get all result (plot of result) at once.
since i cant place all data in a single folder

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per isakson
per isakson le 21 Avr 2014
Modifié(e) : per isakson le 21 Avr 2014
Try something like this
folder_list = {'d:\folder1','d:\folder2','d:\folder3'};
for jj = 1 : length( folder_list )
pathname = folder_list{jj};
cd( pathname );
files = dir( fullfile( pathname, '*.mat' ) );
or there might be a cheaper way, e.g. with dir, to set folder_list.
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Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng le 21 Avr 2014
Is there a reason you are changing directories? As long as you are keeping tack of the "current" folder as per isakson is suggesting you do not have to change folders
mausam le 21 Avr 2014
thank you.
it worked, and save mine lot of time and effort.

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