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How to make an anonymous function whose variable is itself a function of another variable?

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Let's say i have an anonymous function defined in the following manner
z = @(x) cos(phi).^2 + 4*sin(phi).^2 and phi is defined in the following way
phi = @(x) x.^3 + 4*x.^2 + x +3
I have been trying to do this but when i call the function z in the following way, an error pops up
Is something wrong in the syntax?

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George Papazafeiropoulos
George Papazafeiropoulos le 23 Mai 2014
z = @(phi) cos(phi).^2 + 4*sin(phi).^2
phi = @(x) x.^3 + 4*x.^2 + x +3

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