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Reading this ASCII data in MATLAB

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Harini le 6 Juin 2014
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I'm attaching a file which contains the ASCII values of a satellite data. Please suggest a way so as to how to read it and get the corresponding thing plotted on the map.
Please help as soon as possible.
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Harini le 7 Juin 2014
So sorry, i forgot to attach that. I'm attaching it here
aneps le 7 Juin 2014
Modifié(e) : aneps le 7 Juin 2014
No files attached! I guess, after loading the file from the computer using 'choose file' button, you somehow missing to click on 'Attach File' button.

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aneps le 7 Juin 2014
Files are not attached. Did you try to load using load ('filename') function? Also, plot(x,y) function to plot the map!

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