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How to document the input from Matlab into the file

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Anh Mai
Anh Mai le 17 Août 2021
Commenté : Anh Mai le 21 Août 2021
Hi all,
I have a code that allow user to enter multiple inputs via 'For' loop. However, I usually don't remember the inputs unless I have to note them down before running the MATLAB. Hence, I am wonder if there is a way to output or save all the inputs that I entered into a file right after MATLAB run. Below is the example of my inputs with for loop. Thank you guys. Much appreciate.
count=input('Enter numbers of item:');
for k=1:count
%%%Below here are the inputs for every loop, count
fprintf('Please enter BMP number %0.0f information, start with the deepest one \n',k);
shape=input('1 = rectangular,2 = circle,3 = ellipse,4 = polygon: ');
nlayers=input('Enter number of layers for this BMP: ');
ind=input('Set type of BMPs, 2=pervious pave, 3=bioretention, 4=grass swales: ');
if shape==1 %Rectangular
%%%code 1
elseif shape==2 %Circle
%%%code 2
elseif shape==3 %Ellipse
%%%code 3
else disp('This is polygon (triangle, rhomnus, hexagon, etc)')
%%%code 4

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Jan le 19 Août 2021
Modifié(e) : Jan le 19 Août 2021
Using input in the command window is useful for short hacks only. For real applications either use a GUI and store the inputs by writing files (see: doc fprintf). Or create the files in an editor and import them (see: readmatrix, fscanf, etc).
Alternatively create a script or function, which defines the inputs and call the function directly. Using Matlab's editor is more comfortable than the command window, because the results are reproducible. A typo inside the input using input() will be very confusing and hard to find.

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