Plot 3D shape with grid cell

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Anh Mai
Anh Mai le 31 Août 2021
Réponse apportée : KSSV le 31 Août 2021
Can we plot some 3D like this using MATLAB? I will only need to enter XYZ to get the 3D shape of XYZ with the grid cells as the above image. Thank you all.
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz le 31 Août 2021
Check out the documentation for surf().

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KSSV le 31 Août 2021
You have variety of functions to achieve it. It depends on what data you have. I assume you have a 3D volume data i.e. matrices of size mxnxp for X, Y, Z, They would be obtained from ndgrid. What you have plotted can be achieved using slice function. Read about slice. Also you have volumeViewer app, have a look on that.


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