matlab get matrix values into a variable in for loop

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I have three values as:
I would like to first permutate the values like this:
house = {A, B, C};
P = perms(house);%which will give me a 3*6 matrix
Then I would like to use these, like in a for-loop three by three, each of them in one variable:
for q=1:size(P,1) %not sure if it should be 1 or 3 here
%do a lot of things with aA and bB and cC and come back and take the next row values and do the same things with them and at the end the third row values (here is the rest of whole code of mine, things I need to do with the strings which are in each of the matrix values)
The problem is when I don't have this for-loop I don't get any error from the code itself, but adding this for-loop to change the place of A and B and C or actually get the values of next row in matrix into those variables aA, bB, cC, then I get this error:
Index exceeds the number of array elements (1).
I even chaneged the
for q=1:size(P,1)
for q=1:length(P)
but still same problem.
without this for-loop I don't get index error from the program, but then I can not check A,B,C in all positions. (like A,B,C and A,C,B, and B,A,C and B,C,A and C,B,A and C,A,B)
Appreciate any help.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 4 Sep 2021
house = {A, B, C};
P = perms(house);%which will give me a 3*6 matrix
for q=1:size(P,1) %not sure if it should be 1 or 3 here
aA = P{q,1};
bB = P{q,2};
cC = P{q,3};
fprintf('q = %d, aA = %s, bB = %s, cC = %s\n', q, aA, bB, cC);
q = 1, aA = anothernot, bB = anotherstr, cC = thisisastr q = 2, aA = anothernot, bB = thisisastr, cC = anotherstr q = 3, aA = anotherstr, bB = anothernot, cC = thisisastr q = 4, aA = anotherstr, bB = thisisastr, cC = anothernot q = 5, aA = thisisastr, bB = anothernot, cC = anotherstr q = 6, aA = thisisastr, bB = anotherstr, cC = anothernot
Nicle Davidson
Nicle Davidson on 4 Sep 2021
What it was supposed to do was not to change ans
I would like to compare aA which is an element from the matrix, with A which is the string shown above, and if they are alike, print a number as a part of a sentece to the screen. It is this combination which gives an error as:
Unrecognized function or variable 'A'.
have also tried:
A='thisisastr'; B='anotherstr'; C='anothernot';(these are strings and will be string to the end)
aA='anothernot'; bB='thisisastr'; cC='anotherstr';(this is actually the permutated matrix shown in the start of the post)
QQ='something else';
if strcmp(aA,A)
elseif strcmp(aA,B)
elseif isequal(aA, C)
if strcmp(bB,A)
elseif strcmp(bB,B)
elseif strcmp(bB,C)
if strcmp(cC,A)
elseif strcmp(cC,B)
elseif strcmp(cC,C)
fprintf('The house is: %d%d%d %s',W, U, Z, QQ);
Unrecognized function or variable 'W'.
(which works well on its own, but in combination with the matrix it gives an error as I above)

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