Dynamic colorbar change with window size corresponding with different data area

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Hey guys~
When we zoom in or zoom out the figure, I wonder how to generate a colorbar dynamically show the current area, that is, a colorbar changing with current window.
you see, when i zoomed in the figure, the value of the colorbar did not change to show the cunrrent elevation of the area.
Thanks a lot!

Accepted Answer

Chunru on 9 Sep 2021
You can use the callback function of zoom to customize what you want.
z = peaks(200);
hi = imagesc(1:200, 1:200, z);
h = zoom();
h.ActionPostCallback = @changecolorbar;
function changecolorbar(src, ~)
h = gco;
xl = xlim;
yl = ylim;
ix = find(h.XData>=xl(1) & h.XData<=xl(2));
iy = find(h.YData>=yl(1) & h.YData<=yl(2));
C = h.CData(ix,iy);
caxis([min(C(:)) max(C(:))]);
Meillo Fang
Meillo Fang on 9 Sep 2021
WOW! It worked, the only thing left here is that, when i zoom in or zoom out the figure, the color of the figure changes but the color of the colorbar doesn't change, how can i make the color of the whole figure stay but the color of the colorbar change when the selected area of the figure changes.

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