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How to make a colourful interactive GUI spectrum slider?

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Hannah le 14 Sep 2021
Hello, I want to make a colorful spectrum where the user can use a slider to control the input value. Input values go from 20 to 1112.5 with a resolution of 0.1. every input value corresponds to an output value which I have stored. I know how to make the user type their input value and return the corresponding output but I just have no idea how to make the GUI spectrum slider. Every input corresponds to a percentage (i.e. the output is a percentage) and I want the shading of the spectrum to be greener as it gets closer to 100% and more red as it gets closer to 0%.
Can someone help me please? :)
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Jan le 14 Sep 2021
There is no slider object, which let you choose a background image. But you can move an object on top of an axes. In older Matlab versions the colormapeditor was a useful example.
Hannah le 14 Sep 2021
i see, thanks

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Mohammad Sami
Mohammad Sami le 15 Sep 2021
While there is no slider object which have the spectrum as the background, you can however achieve this effect by layering uislider on top of an uiimage with spectrum. I used a gridlayout, but you can also set the position property. However in case of resize you will then have to set the position again. Therefore using a gridlayout would be preferable.
a = uifigure;
g = uigridlayout(a,[5 5]);
b = uiimage(g,'ImageSource','spectrum.png','ScaleMethod','fill');
b.Layout.Row = 2;
b.Layout.Column = 2;
c = uislider(g);
c.Layout.Row = 2;
c.Layout.Column = 2;


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