Update Simulink iOS project to Xcode 13

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Clancy Dennis
Clancy Dennis le 6 Oct 2021
Commenté : Clancy Dennis le 21 Nov 2021
Does anyone know if it is possible to use the simulink ios support package to generate projects which will compile in XCode 13?
Currently the test app will run, but the actual project fail to build the libraries. I have an uneducated suspicion that the project is not configured properly because the setup procedure fails.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Ashutosh Singh Baghel
Ashutosh Singh Baghel le 19 Nov 2021
Hi Clancy,
I understand that you wish to build an app for ios in the Simulink Simulink package, which supports Xcode 13.
Please find the following link for system requirements of the Simulink Support package and Hardware Support Package System Requirements.
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 21 Nov 2021
Let me put it this way: You aren't going to get Mathworks to update the package by Tuesday of this week, by which time you could have ordered in an older piece of hardware.
Is it possible that Ashutosh or someone else at Mathworks, or one of the volunteers, might be able to provide a work-around faster than you could get in old-enough hardware? Maybe... I wouldn't rule it out. But that is not under your control, whereas you could likely find an old device locally and have it in your hands in two days or so if you posted in (for example) one of the local Buy and Sell groups on Facebook -- something much more in your control.
Further, it is not possible to "downgrade" iOS devices
leads to ipse.me which leads to (for example) https://ipsw.me/iPhone7,2 that goes back to IOS 8 for the iPhone 6.
Most of my work as a volunteer is concerned with "the art of the possible": what you can (or cannot) do with existing Mathworks software. Solutions that can be used with what exists now, rather than telling people to wait a release or five.
If your hold-up is not having access to hold hardware / software, then that is probably solved comparatively easy.
If your hold-up is that you need pretty new software and that software is not ready to be deployed to hardware, then that is typically not something I have the experience to work-around. (I have some hardware on-hand that I intended for testing, but it has been at least 20 months now and I haven't had time to get around to it, as there are always so many software questions to answer...)
Clancy Dennis
Clancy Dennis le 21 Nov 2021
Hi Walter
Thanks again for helping. I too enjoy "the art of possible" and I appreciate the suggestions. However old hardware doesnt really solve the question, "Is it possible to use the simulink ios support package to generate projects which will compile in XCode 13".
What this question was intended to do was to:
a) flag that this softare package potentially needs updating and hopefully be added to the list for the next update.
b) see if anyone had found a way to use the new xcode with simulink. As I said it is close and I think there would be a solution if even I gave it a chunk of time.
Work arounds in addition to your great suggestion also include changing to an android phone, making a PC simulink model and forwarding the data through a UDP port or updating the xcode project file manually (what potentially someone has done).
Is there a better place to request features or updates for the next MATLAB release?
Thank you again for your time Walter

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