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What are the dependencies for findpeaks.m

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vsee on 31 Aug 2011
Edited: Joshua Baldwin on 18 Dec 2017
Do I need signal processign toolbox to use the findpeaks function?

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 31 Aug 2011
Yes you need the signal processing toolbox for the findpeaks that comes with it.
You can do your own findpeaks function or get one from File Exchange
I recommend this one: PeakFinder
Also look at this
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 31 Aug 2011
You do not place functions in a workspace: you place them in a directory. If you place peakfinder.m in any of the directories that are on your MATLAB path, then it will be found.

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Joshua Baldwin
Joshua Baldwin on 18 Dec 2017
Edited: Joshua Baldwin on 18 Dec 2017
As noted earlier, the Signal Processing Toolbox is needed. However, I only needed to process a fairly small and basic array of doubles that could be easily iterated through, so I worked around this by writing my own function as follows:
function [pks, locs] = findpeaks(data)
pks = zeros(numel(data), 1);
locs = zeros(numel(data), 1);
count = 0;
for i = 2:(numel(data) - 1)
if (data(i - 1) < data(i)) && (data(i) > data(i + 1))
count = count + 1;
pks(count) = data(i);
locs(count) = i;
pks = pks(1:count);
locs = locs(1:count);


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