string to calculation algorithm ?

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Max Müller
Max Müller le 16 Sep 2014
Commenté : Max Müller le 16 Sep 2014
Hey Guys, Imagine u have a GUI which hold the variable x = 1:10 (doubble). Now I want to create an Editbox which allows the user to enter a calculation algorithm.
for example: x*3.
Is it possible to convert this string (x*3) into an actual calculation algorithm ?
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Stephen23 le 16 Sep 2014
The answers below give some solutions, including using eval and str2func , but keep in mind these could be dangerous as this allows the user to run arbitrary code, including system calls via MATLAB.

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Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein le 16 Sep 2014

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Adam le 16 Sep 2014
You can also create a function handle if you want, something like:
s = 'x*3';
s = ['@(x)' s];
f = str2func(s);


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