How do I stop webread from converting "%2B" into "+"?

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Unforunately, every time it webread runs it converts the all of the "%2B" into "+" and then returns an error. How do I get it to use the exact URL as entered???
It keeps returning this error:
Error using matlab.internal.webservices.HTTPConnector/copyContentToFile (line 389)
The server returned the status 403 with message "Forbidden" in response to the request to URL
Error in readContentFromWebService (line 62)
copyContentToFile(connection, filename);
Error in webread (line 125)
[varargout{1:nargout}] = readContentFromWebService(connection, options);
Here's my code:
TF = webread('')
Nathan Lively
Nathan Lively on 25 Oct 2021
Thanks Rik. I tried this. Unfortunately, it produces the same error.
oldURL = '';
newURL = strrep(url,'%2B','%252B');
TF = webread(newURL);

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