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MATLAB Compiler compatibility question for function getpts

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John le 25 Sep 2014
Hi all. I have the image processing toolbox and am about to package my program using MATLAB Compiler 2014a. I use the getpts.m function which I believe is part of the Image Processing Toolbox. I checked the page: http://www.mathworks.com/products/compiler/supported/compiler_support.html
and it does not list getpts as one of them. It does list the following Image Processing Toolbox components as not supported by MATLAB Compiler:
  1. Apps and UIs
  2. cpselect
  3. imtool
  4. implay
  5. colorThresholder
Does getpts fall under UIs in point #1?
Can getpts be used in an application compiled with MATLAB Compiler?
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John le 25 Sep 2014
The same informational page lists that modular interactive tools are supported. I am guessing getpts is one such tool. I would appreciate input from an official or experienced source.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 25 Sep 2014
I would not think it would not included, because it's not like those other tools that have substantial GUIs. getpts() is a low level routine so I would think it would be included. You can check the mccExcludedFiles.log that is created after you run mcc to see if it would not include it.


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