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MATLAB Student version upgrade question

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John le 27 Sep 2014
I bought the student version of MATLAB 2014a and a couple of toolboxes. If 2014b comes out and it turns out one of the toolboxes has had major updates to it that appeal to me, do I need to buy MATLAB 2014b just to get that one updated toolbox or can I save by buying just the new toolbox individually?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 27 Sep 2014
Choose the product that fits your coursework needs:
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MATLAB Student (unbundled)
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It looks like you can buy toolboxes separately if you got the unbundled version. If you got the suite, call then and see if you can convert versions from suite to unbundled. From your message though it seems like you got the unbundled one so you should be able to buy toolboxes.


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