Several Sfunction or one is better?

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Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin on 1 Nov 2021
Edited: Federico Manfrin on 2 Nov 2021
My next Simulink project can be:
  • one S-function with all the comnplexity inside
  • several S-function with an easy to debug situation ..
Of course I'd like to divide the problem in easy to solve small problems, but the question is:
will a lot of S-function turn my simulation in a slaw, useless design? Or several S-function will be exectuted in different core of the processor (if possible, due to the parallelism of my design) or at lest should reduce the speed as little as I even don't appreciate it?
Federico Manfrin
Federico Manfrin on 2 Nov 2021
Edited: Federico Manfrin on 2 Nov 2021
No, I'm not going to use Simulink Real Time. But thank you very much for your feedback, it's an interesting option for further investigation. For this step of the project I will try to design a simulink simulation with just one S-function and compare the execution time with the same S-function splittend in 10, 20 little S-function. This should help on debug (placing some scope) but I'm afraid to have a very slow enviroment.

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