using matrix as an input to solve the following equation

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T1= input("enter horse temp"); %rectial temperature is 37.2 to 37.8 celsius
T2=28; %28 celsius
V_materialneeded= 0.689*(10^-5);% meter cubic
circum= 0.19685; % boots Circumference
A_boot= pi*((d^2)/4);
t_boot=V_materialneeded/A_boot; %the thickness of phase changing material
t_meshfabric= [0.002:0.001:0.008]; % testing the material thickness
R_value=5; %resistance value of phase changing material;
heat_transfer= ((A_boot)*(T1-T2))/R_value; %% assume temperature of fabric is the same with phase changin material temperature.
heatflow_fabric(= (-k*A_boot*(T1-T2))/t_total;
%T2_K= T2+273
% heatflux(x)= 4*(5.67*(10^-8))*(298)*(T1_K-T2_K)
% x=[0:t_total];
Hi I tried to run this matlab code but I don't know what went wrong with it? If I have the function changing with x how can I express it in Matlab
Thank you for your time

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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 3 Nov 2021
The beauty of MATLAB is, that when you run your code you will get a clear message which explicitly states what the error is.
In your case, you have 3 errors in line #12
1 - There's a parenthesis bofore equalto sign
2 - You have an undefined variable 'k'
3 - Divison should be element-wise




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