Error in compiled standalone application using Arduino Support Package

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Hi, I have written an R2021a mlapp standalone application that I have compiled and installed on Windows 10 using the installer produced by compiler.package.installer.
This includes the arduino hardware support package for matlab (
On connecting to the arduino via
a = arduino();
I get the error:
The path "C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Local\Temp\USERNAME\mcrCache9.10\ProjectName1\" is not a valid message catalog resource path
and the arduino does not connect. Can anyone help?
One thing I suspect is that this relates to the requirement to have the Arduino IDE installed for standalone applications that use the arduino support package. It's not clear to me from the documentation how to configure the path to the IDE.
Thanks in advance.
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David Wilby
David Wilby on 17 Nov 2021
Further to this, is there any way to pass the COM port, board and arduino IDE path programmatically rather than using the "Configure Arduino" dialog?

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David Wilby
David Wilby on 17 Nov 2021
I have found that this problem is solved when using the application compiler dialog in R2021a (launched by applicationCompiler), which automatically detects and adds the hardware support package.
However, when compiling with and compiler.package.installer this is not the case.
It looks like that under R2021b, inclusion of support packages has been improved with
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David Wilby
David Wilby on 17 Nov 2021
The solution was to specify the support packages to the compiler using the 'Support Packages' option available from R2021b.

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