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Simon Allosserie
Simon Allosserie le 17 Nov 2021
When packaging an app in App Designer, I always get three output folders:
The appplication found in for_redistribution must be installed before use.
The application found in for_testing can be run immediately without the need for installation (also on a pc without Matlab).
The second options seems more practical, because when updating the application in a shared folder regularly, then the users don't need to reinstall it. So I wonder, what is the difference between those two applications, as they both seem to be working perfectly fine, with the sole difference being the need for installation (or not).

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre le 17 Nov 2021
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Simon Allosserie
Simon Allosserie le 17 Nov 2021
This was the page I was looking for. Unfortunately, it doesn't provide a real answer (to my insight) on why the testing app works perfectly well for non-Matlab users, and why then the installation of the distribution app would be necessary... Or it might be that my app is "simple" enough that it makes no difference.

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