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SIMULINK block accessing its parameters dynamically

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John F
John F le 24 Nov 2021
Modifié(e) : John F le 24 Nov 2021
I'm creating a SIMULINK Library and I have made the following component:
And the function is:
function [m_out, Pt_out, Tt_out] = fcn(m_in, Pt_in, Tt_in)
PR = get_param('TURBO/Compressor Stage','PR');
%DT = get_param('TURBO/Compressor Stage','DT');
DT = 100;
disp(['PR is ',PR])
m_out = m_in;
Pt_out = 0;
Pt_out = PR * Pt_in;
Tt_out = 0;
Tt_out = Tt_in + DT;
I would like the function to be able to access the block properties dynamically. Meaning that I would like to replace 'TURBO/Compressor Stage' with '[dynamical name of model]/[dynamical name of block]' (or something equivalent).

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