What is this code is trying to do

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Can you explain what this code is trying to do?
rot=[2,4,7,3,1,5,6,8]; disp(rot); for i=1:8 rot=mod(rot,8); rot=[rot(8)+1,rot(1:7)+1]; disp(rot); end

Accepted Answer

Yusuf Suer Erdem
Yusuf Suer Erdem on 25 Nov 2021
disp(rot); %%% Display rot matrix
for i=1:8 %%% this loop will turn 8 times
rot=mod(rot,8); %%% After this operation rot matrix will be---->[2,4,7,3,1,5,6,0] because we are taking its mod according to 8
%%% Each time rot matrix will be renewed (8 times)
rot=[rot(8)+1,rot(1:7)+1]; %%% 'rot(8) + 1' means add rot matrix 8th member 1 (8 times)
%%% 'rot(1:7) + 1' means write rot matrix ' s members 1 to 7 and add 1 to each of them (8 times)
disp(rot); %%% display the final rot matrix (8 times)
Nicle Davidson
Nicle Davidson on 25 Nov 2021
Thank you to both answers.

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