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Iterative plotting with symbol change

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Alice le 23 Oct 2014
Commenté : Ced le 24 Oct 2014
I'm trying to do iterative plotting with each plot using a different symbol. The positions don't change, I just need to make the symbols change with each iteration. Any suggestions? Thanks
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Ced le 23 Oct 2014
what do you mean by "the positions don't change, [...] make the symbols change"? So you have a plot, which does not change, but you want the colors/markers to change?
Generally speaking, you can either simply replot your data points using the new desired colors/markers, or you can use get/set to change any values/colors/markers etc. you like. The general formulation would be something like
handle = plot(x,y);
% then change whatever you like
you can get a list of the available options by typing "get(handle)" (where handle is your actual plot handle).

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Adam le 23 Oct 2014
You can change the marker type for a plot in a loop if that is what you mean, though there are only 14 pre-defined ones so far as I can see.
figure; h = plot( 1:100, rand(100,1) ); hold on
availableMarkers = set( h, 'Marker' );
for i = 1:numel( availableMarkers )
hPlot = plot( 1:100, rand(100,1) );
hPlot.Marker = possibleMarkers{i};
That isn't the most efficient code, but it can be tidied up. I initially read your question as you wanting to change the marker on the same plot over and over so adapted the code I wrote for that to use for a new plot each time instead!
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Alice le 24 Oct 2014
Is there any way of making these markers letters and then having the letters change on each iteration?
Ced le 24 Oct 2014
I don't think this is possible by defaults (apart from the standard letters x, o, etc.). However, I found this on Matlab Central http://www.mathworks.ch/matlabcentral/fileexchange/39487-custom-marker-plot
There are also several threads on "custom markers" if you google it.

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