how can I fix the code for Segregation Model and population?

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I have a code like this:
% model
function schell(grid_size,percent_empty,percent_p1,percent_p2)
grid_size = 50; percent_empty = 30; percent_p1 = 30; percent_p2 = 50;
n = grid_size;
n2 = n^2;
grids = zeros(n); % a grid that occupied by a being from population 1 or 2.
emp = round((percent_empty/100)*n2);
p1 = round((percent_p1/100)*n2);
p2 = round((percent_p2/100)*n2);
tot = emp + p1 + p2;
rand_loc = randperm(n2);
init_emp = rand_loc(1:emp);
init_p1 = rand_loc(emp+1:tot);
init_p2 = rand_loc(tot+1:end);
figure, imagesc(grids);
% frame = getframe;
% writeVideo(writerObj,frame);
but it says "Error using model
Error: File: model.m Line: 1 Column: 10
Class name and filename must match."
How can I fix this? I named this file as "matlab_project".
In this code, I want to include an m * n grid where the "squares" are either unoccupied, or occupied by a being from populations 1 or 2. Initially p1% of the squares are occupied by population 1 occupants, and p2% by population 2, where p1 + p2 < 100. This also have to relate to Segregation Model and population.

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