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Unable to install Arduino support package into MatLab R2014b

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Kirk Shelley
Kirk Shelley le 8 Nov 2014
Commenté : Qiaoli Ji le 16 Avr 2018
During installation of the Arduino Add-Ons support package I received the error: "Download failed: Server returned HTTP response code: 403 for URL:http://downloads.arduino.cc/arduino-1.5.6-r2-windows.zip".
Of note on the Arduino website the version now appears to be 1.5.8
Kirk Shelley MD,PhD ,Professor of Anesthesiology ,Yale University
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sourabh Tokikar
sourabh Tokikar le 19 Mai 2016
Unable to download arduino_r2014a_v14_1_4.zip. Connection timed out. error is shown. How to download ardunio uno/mega2560/nano hardware support packed, please help me
Qiaoli Ji
Qiaoli Ji le 16 Avr 2018
When I do like you said above, I have met the error confirm below. Unable to download https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit_Motor_Shield_V2_Library/archive/1.0.1.zip.

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Ahmed bchaier
Ahmed bchaier le 11 Nov 2014
Cool, it's working now !!! :)
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Ahmed bchaier
Ahmed bchaier le 11 Nov 2014
Try to install by downloding the *.mlpkginstall from this site : http://hardware.mathworks.com/
Tell me if it works.
Wolfgang le 12 Nov 2014
Harish Reddy's workaround (11/11/2014) worked for me!

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sho le 9 Nov 2014
i have the same problem.. nobody else?

Ahmed bchaier
Ahmed bchaier le 8 Nov 2014
Since yesterday, I have the same problem to install support package for Arduino Due on Matlab r2014a. I think Mathworks have to update download links ...

Wolfgang le 10 Nov 2014
Same problem here! I just wrote to the Mathworks support team (maybe you guys should bug them too, to speed up the resolution of that issue!). It's a bit ridiculous to hard-code a download link for a specific beta release of the Arduino Software into the installer package which is obviously going to be moved upon future software releases.
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syamil nazeri
syamil nazeri le 25 Oct 2016
2013a me not works either
VALARMATHY K le 23 Août 2017
me 2 having the same problem

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le ducdung
le ducdung le 26 Juil 2017
i have same problem, please help!!!!

le ducdung
le ducdung le 26 Juil 2017
matlab 2013a


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