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For 1 ≤ a ≤ 4, find a solution of f(x) = tan(x) + a sin(x)/x = 0 using Newton’s method. Plot the solution as a function of a. Please help me to solve it by matlab.

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Chun Kit NG
Chun Kit NG le 8 Fév 2022
Clôturé : John D'Errico le 8 Fév 2022
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Jan le 8 Fév 2022
"write the equation f(x)=tan(x)+asin(x)/x"
f = @(x) tan(x) + a * sin(x) / x;
Please ask your teacher or read in the book used for the lessons, what the Newton method is. Even WikiPedia explains this exhaustively.
This is a Matlab forum. Asking in a forum cannot replace learning numerical maths.

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