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SALAH alatai
SALAH alatai le 22 Fév 2022
I am looking to implemet a model ( full bridge converter) after doing the simulation , i want to know how to implement it by using external mode by launch pad f29379d, what is the blocks should i use and how to implement the control to control the model in hardware side.
Note:- already set up the embedded c2000 and I have the blocks in the library that I should used in hardware implementation.
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SALAH alatai
SALAH alatai le 10 Mai 2022

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Mukul Choudhury
Mukul Choudhury le 9 Août 2023
Please refer to the following motor control and power examples that are shipped along with C2000 Microcontroller Blockset:
We use two model approach to communicate with hardware using serial communication.


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