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Simple for and if loop got wrong...

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buer le 11 Déc 2014
Commenté : buer le 11 Déc 2014
My mind looks like got some water...I just can not figure out what is wrong with this.
for i=1:100,
if(((data_cell{i,1})<= time)&&((data_cell{i+1,1})> time))
I just want to find the value point, where data{i,1}is samller than time, and data {i+1,1}is bigger than time... but the result always gives the last value until i is 100... It should find the value and stop the loop...anyone please give some idea...

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Guillaume le 11 Déc 2014
You appear to be very confused indeed about the usage of find. Assuming that data_cell{:, 1} and time are scalar, and assuming that data_cell{:, 1} is monotonically increasing
data_col1 = cell2mat(data_cell(:, 1));
thresholdpoint = find(data_col1 > time, 1);
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buer le 11 Déc 2014
Thanks so much Guillaume, it works..I will check again find function....:D

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