How to add random Noise between 2% in the dataset

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Hello I Hope you are doing well.
I have the following dataset. I Want to add random noise 2% in the data. How can i do that in MATLAB.
I also want to randomly select the noise between 0.5 to 2%.
Can anybody help me in this
Stephen john
Stephen john on 18 Mar 2022
@Walter Roberson if you share for both methods ,i will be very grateful

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Answers (1)

Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 17 Mar 2022
Do you mean that you want to multiply each value in the dataset by a random number between 1.005 and 1.02, with all random numbers equally likely in that range? This could be done with something like:
multiplier = 1.005 + rand(size(values))*(1.02-1.005);
values = values *. multiplier;
Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller on 18 Mar 2022
@Stephen john Sorry I am not following you. Maybe you could give a few numerical examples?

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