Why am I getting: Error using sum - Invalid option. Option must be 'double', 'native', 'default', 'omitnan', or 'includenan'.

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I have this for loop:
n = numel(cell_of_doubles);
distances_1 = cell(1,n);
for dd = 1:n
distances_1{dd} = sqrt(sum(cell_of_doubles{dd}(:,1:3),1,1).^2);
Whenever I try to run it I get the error,
Error using sum
Invalid option. Option must be 'double', 'native', 'default', 'omitnan', or 'includenan'.
It isn't clear to me why that is since my cell of doubles array is a double.
Does anyone know how I can solve this?

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KSSV le 24 Mar 2022
Repalce this line:
distances_1{dd} = sqrt(sum(cell_of_doubles{dd}(:,1:3),1,1).^2);
distances_1{dd} = sqrt(sum(cell_of_doubles{dd}(:,1:3),1).^2);
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lil brain
lil brain le 24 Mar 2022
This only gives me a cell array where each cell contains three values as a vector like so:
ans =
418.29 834.61 402.12
but what I want to create is a list of differences where line 1 is subtracted from line 2 and line 2 is subtracted from line 3 and line 3 is subtracted from line 4 and so on.
This is my original function which I am trying to make into a for loop:
distances_1 = sqrt( dx.^2 + dy.^2 + dz.^2 );

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