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Happy PhD
Happy PhD on 13 Apr 2022
Answered: Happy PhD on 13 Apr 2022
Hi, I am doing some image processing and I like to plot the result for each added image as a new legend. Number of legends can be random, 5 to 15, or more.
How do I add legend for image data 1, image data 2 etc.
Basically i click on a button and take a snapshot, do some analysis on the image and then plot the data from the analysis in a figure called app.UIAxes.
Take a new picture,.. and repeat the process. So now there is a second curve.
My code that isn't working:
plot(app.UIAxes,,maxSh ,'o','DisplayName', [num2str(app.dist)],'Color',rand(1,3));
The legend for each new curve should be the value of num2str(app.dist).

Accepted Answer

Happy PhD
Happy PhD on 13 Apr 2022
Solved the problem.
I had to add
to make it visible.

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