Remove space in a string while parting data using sscanf.

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I am reading a file that has this line:
Pressure Offsets: -0.206,-0.025,0.004 ,-0.099,-0.598
There is an extra space after "0.004" that I would like to remove before parsing the data using a while loop. The particular portion of interest in my while loop is
elseif ((length(tline)>15) && isequal(tline(1:16),'Pressure Offsets'))
pressure_offset_wse_proto = sscanf(replace(sscanf(tline,'%*s %*s %s'),',',' '),'%f')
This code works fine when there is no space after the "0.004", so I'd like to modify this section of my script to automatically remove any spaces between the numbers in the line. I have many separate files to parse using my script, so I need to programmatically remove any extra spaces (or parse the data with the extra space included). Can someone please tell me how to do this?

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the cyclist
the cyclist on 24 Apr 2022
Edited: the cyclist on 24 Apr 2022
Here is a radically different approach, using regexp instead of sscanf:
tline = "Pressure Offsets: -0.206 ,-0.025,0.004 ,-0.099,-0.598";
pressure_offset_wse_proto = double(regexp(tline,["-?\d+\.?\d*"],"match"))'
pressure_offset_wse_proto = 5×1
-0.2060 -0.0250 0.0040 -0.0990 -0.5980
This will work regardless of the presence of multiple extra spaces (like I inserted).
The regular expression returns all strings that have these elements, in order
  • minus sign (or not)
  • one or more digits
  • decimal point (or not)
  • zero or more digits
Then I use double() to convert that string array into numeric.

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