Why do I get the error "Undefined function 'fitrm' for input arguments of type 'table' " ?

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I am running into the following error when running the following code:
condition = ...
['H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' 'H' ...
'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' 'L' ]';
t_rmanova = table(condition,comptable_both_conditions(:,1),...
Meas = table([1 2 3 4 5]','VariableNames',{'Measurements'});
rm = fitrm(t_rmanova,'pre-post~condition','WithinDesign',Meas);
I get the error:
Undefined function 'fitrm' for input arguments of type 'table'.
Error in Untitled4 (line 14)
rm = fitrm(t_rmanova,'pre-post~condition','WithinDesign',Meas);
I am essentially trying to run a RM ANOVA. Do I need to oinstall a package? Or is there anopther reason Matlab is telling me "undefined" function?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 29 Avr 2022
You need the Statistics toolbox, R2014A or newer.

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