How can I create a function which outputs two variables for calculating the eigenvalue * eigenvector

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m1 = [7 3; 3 -1] % Matrix
[Vectors, DiagonalWithValues] = eig(m1)
ListEvalues = diag(DiagonalWithValues)
How can I implement a function which takes these 3 inputs (1. initial matrix, 2. eigenvectors, 3.eigenvalues) and returns two variables
1. a boolean variable, which indicates if both are equal
2. result of the operation for example if they are not equal it should return -1
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Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi on 9 May 2022
Use isequal() for the 1st output
Use if else for the 2nd output. But what is the value of 2nd output if they are equal?

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