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Arduino and servo motor

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Dekel Mashiach
Dekel Mashiach le 26 Mai 2022
I have this code to active servo motor, I want regulate the of the motor with binary values between 0-255. someone can help me please?
clear a;clear s;
a = arduino('COM10', 'Mega2560', 'Libraries', 'Servo');
s = servo(a, 'D4', 'MinPulseDuration', 700*10^-6, 'MaxPulseDuration', 2300*10^-6)
current_pos = readPosition(s);
current_pos = current_pos*180;
fprintf('Current motor position is %d degrees\n', current_pos);
% pause(2);

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Aman Banthia
Aman Banthia le 29 Juin 2022
Hi Dekel,
From what I understand you are trying to adjust the position of the servo with input ranging from 0 to 255.
angle = 50 %You can take any value from 0-255
angle = angle/255 %This changes the value to the range of 0-1
Now if you want to read the value in range of 0-255 just multiply 255 to current_pos instead of 180
current_pos = readPosition(s);
current_pos = current_pos*255;
For more details refer to the Documentation

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