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setting radiobutton value by program

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Diego le 28 Jan 2015
I have a panel with several radiobuttons so that only one of them is selected at the time, it works fine with my mouse. However, I want to create a pushbutton that when I push it will select a specific radiobutton on the panel
So for example I have radiobuttons A B and C and I clicked on C at one time then with the pushbutton I want to set A again as if I have clicked A with my mouse.. how can I do that??
Thank you in advance...

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 28 Jan 2015
Yes. Do it this way:
set(handles.radioA, 'Value', 1);
If the other B & C radio buttons are in a group panel, then the B & C radio buttons will automatically be set to false once this line executes . Otherwise you can set them to false manually with the set() function also.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 28 Jan 2015
Modifié(e) : Image Analyst le 28 Jan 2015
Diego's "Answer" moved here since it's not an answer to the original question:
thank you very much

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Josiah Brough
Josiah Brough le 20 Mai 2024
Déplacé(e) : Image Analyst le 22 Mai 2024
Also works with:
app.ButtonGroup.SelectedObject = app.ButtonA;


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