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App Designer shuts down when processing big files

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Simon Allosserie
Simon Allosserie le 31 Mai 2022
Commenté : dpb le 9 Juin 2022
I have an app that processes .tif files in different resolutions. It compares two images printed on two different printers to check colour differences.
This is done by plotting all the pixels on 2D and 3D axes in LAB spaces, and variables like Delta E are calculated for each pixel.
Now I am processing relatively large images (100 MB). When processing smaller images, everything works fine. When I process these 'big' images, the app closes itself during the calculations. The only error I get is that the next step cannot be executed anymore ("Invalid or deleted object")
Is this a known behaviour of App Designer, that an app shuts itself off when too much needs to be calculated/plotted? As there are no error messages to learn from, I have no idea where it goes wrong...
As it works fine for other files, I assume the code on itself isn't faulty, but there must be something that shuts down the app?
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Simon Allosserie
Simon Allosserie le 9 Juin 2022
I tried working with breakpoints but it didn't give more information. Steps just worked fine and then out of nowhere it shut down again.
What is even weirder is that on some occasions, the calculations did go through, while on other moments exactly the samen calculations blocked again. So maybe it has more to do something with the Matlab usage of the cores and allocation of memory or something like that.
The app.DataTab is just a reference to one of the tabs in the tab group. This command just tells the GUI to show that tab in front (as if you as a user would click on the tab header to switch to that tab).
dpb le 9 Juin 2022
I think you would have to send the app and data file(s) that cause the problem to TMW with an official support request -- not much anybody here can do as it is certain it is not an intended/design feature within AppDesigner.
Have you the facility to be able to try another machine/installation to see if is reproducible?
It sounds most like the exhaustion of a system resource; it's always possible even if unlikely your specific code has uncovered a memory leak or HG2 handles leak or somesuch...
Have you watched system monitor during execution?

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