running pcsegdist on gpu

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Ilya K
Ilya K le 11 Juin 2022
Hi, so its said in the documentation of the function pcsegdist, that it supports gpu, but when I run it, if I look into the function in debug mode, then:
isGPU = coder.gpu.internal.isGpuEnabled;
is 0 and it doesn't run on the gpu.
if I run the command:
it shows that the device is selected:
K>> gpuDevice
ans =
CUDADevice with properties:
Name: 'NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 Ti'
Index: 1
ComputeCapability: '7.5'
SupportsDouble: 1
DriverVersion: 11.6000
ToolkitVersion: 11.2000
MaxThreadsPerBlock: 1024
MaxShmemPerBlock: 49152
MaxThreadBlockSize: [1024 1024 64]
MaxGridSize: [2.1475e+09 65535 65535]
SIMDWidth: 32
TotalMemory: 1.1811e+10
AvailableMemory: 1.0273e+10
MultiprocessorCount: 68
ClockRateKHz: 1545000
ComputeMode: 'Default'
GPUOverlapsTransfers: 1
KernelExecutionTimeout: 1
CanMapHostMemory: 1
DeviceSupported: 1
DeviceAvailable: 1
DeviceSelected: 1
Anyone knows what could be the issue ?
Thank you in advance.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson le 11 Juin 2022
Modifié(e) : Walter Roberson le 12 Juin 2022
The document says that the function is supported by GPU Coder, not that it can run on GPU normally.
There is no support for marking a pointCloud as existing on GPU; you cannot pointCloud() a gpuArray either.
For an example of the flow needed to do pointCloud work on GPU using GPU Coder toolbox, see
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 11 Juin 2022
What's the difference between this clustering method (pcsegdist) and something like dbscan? They sound similar in that points closer than a certain distance are in the same cluster while other points farther away than the specified distance belong to a different cluster? When would you use each?
Ilya K
Ilya K le 11 Juin 2022
@Image Analyst, pretty mcuh similiar results and also in the documentation of pcsegdist it is said it uses g-dbscan which is a gpu-zed version of dbscan with another method. I think its pretty much the same. The advantage of pcsegdist is it can be used on gpu as much i understand and trying to figure it out in ths post.

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