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from video device - simulink

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Dekel Mashiach
Dekel Mashiach le 18 Juin 2022
how can I get the image matrix of a snapshot in simulink after using from video device?
I want to take a single picture and get its matrix.. hope someone can help.

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Aishwarya le 4 Oct 2023
Hi Dekel,
I understand that you are looking for a way to extract a single frame from the "From Video Device" block in Simulink and save it as a matrix in the MATLAB workspace.
Below is an approach you can follow to achieve this:
  1. Connect the "From Video Device" block to the "Video Viewer" block in your Simulink model.
  2. Run the simulation and pause it when the desired frame is displayed in the "Video Viewer" block.
  3. In the "Video Viewer" block, select "Export to Image Tool." This will open the "Image Tool" app with the desired frame.
  4. Inside the "Image Tool" app, go to "File" and choose "Export to Workspace." You will be prompted to enter an "Image variable name." This variable name will be used to save the image in the base workspace as a matrix.
Please note that the provided links below contain documentation that you may find helpful for further reference:
Hope this helps!
Aishwarya Palli


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