how to plot higher order levels of the wavelet scattering transform?

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Lucrezia Cester
Lucrezia Cester le 19 Juin 2022
Réponse apportée : Yash le 16 Jan 2024
As the title says, how to I visualize with a scalogram the different outputs of the scattering transform? In the same way that is done in this figure from this paper where at the top there is the signal, middle it's first layer of the scattering transform and third the second layer.

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Yash le 16 Jan 2024
Hi Lucrezia,
Once you have already computed the scattering transform coefficients and stored them in a variable, you can use the 'imagesc' function in MATLAB to visualize the different outputs of the scattering transform, including higher order levels. The 'imagesc' function is used to create a visual representation of the coefficients, with the magnitude of each coefficient represented by a color. Then you can use the 'colorbar' function to add color scale to the plot.
You can refer to the documentations below to know more about these functions:
Hope this helps


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